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My friend smoked a big boy... Funny thing tho.... He was scared to hold it. I had to convince him it wasn't a shark. He doesn't fish much.... Doesn't get out much for that matter.. That night his mom let him take her car to meet me, I asked him if he was ready to fight some monsters and he said his mom normally chases them from out beneath the bed. After he took a pee, (sitting down) he grabbed my rod and asked me to cast it for him. Once it was in the water, I handed it back. He was a little scared cuz it was dark, but once I turned my phone light on he was ok. After 2 minutes we got the bite. I knew it happened cuz I heard him scream. He reeled it in part of the way, but after 2 mins was tired so I took over. Once I landed it, I handed it to him so he could hold it.... We took a quick photo cuz it was past his curfew. It's nice taking out basement virgins. He had a blast... He's probably telling all his friends about it on the short bus.

17 lbs Common snook caught by Ryan Marshall

This 17 lbs Common snook was caught by Ryan Marshall in Mullock Creek in the evening.