Real Catch Stories: Husband and Wife Fishing Team Reels One In

by Skye Garver

This snook was caught in Johns Pass; it was a calm, beautiful day, and the ocean was very clear. We were in a tournament for snook/trout/red.

We got our trout and were heading to our red spot - that's when my husband was looking down and immediately stopped the boat. He told me to hook the menhaden and pointed to where to throw it. Seconds later, my line started screaming....

I pulled back, and then we were off - the snook pulled us around for a good five minutes. She finally gave in and my husband crept in the knee high water and was able to gently pick her up.

This is my biggest snook to date. It definitely got my heart racing, and the fact that I caught it with my husband makes it one I'll never forget and one of my best!