Fishing Forecast for Big Fish

Next Gen Fishing Forecast

Up until recently, if you wanted a fishing forecast, you had to rely on a combination of local knowledge, wild guesses, and long-range predictions by biologists who studied the fish species in your area.


Then, it was up to you to piece together all the information, go out on the water, and see if the beginning of the season predictions by the biologists actually panned out.

That approach is how we used to do things. And now here’s how Fishbrain does it. Just like anything in life, there are no catch guarantees, but Fishbrain gets us closer to big fish in a methodical, real-time, science-based way.

How Does the Fishbrain Fishing Forecast Work?

You have to start with an enormous database of catches, for one. Fishbrain has a tremendous number of catches. (We’re closing in on the magic one million number.)

Then you layer in known weather information, including air and water temperature, barometric pressure, wind, and other factors.

Add the time of day and GPS catch location, for good measure.

Stir those ingredients together with a helpful dose of a technology called Machine Learning, calibrate it to look for big fish, and you have a fishing forecast that brings you closer to catching that lunker of your dreams.

If this all sounds a little bit complex, that’s because it is. But all that complexity happens behind the scenes. As an angler on Fishbrain, all you have to do to enjoy the benefits of the Fishing Forecast is to keep uploading catches and check the forecast graphs. 

It’s the power of crowdsourcing at work, and it’s designed to help you have an even better time on the water.

So What’s the Catch?

A forecast is never a guarantee. That’s true of the stock market and the weather, and it’s true with fishing. But it’s nice to know when you can tilt the odds in your favor.

Try the Fishbrain fishing forecast and see what people are talking about!