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Welcome to FishBrain!

We are still in Beta mode, which means you can look forward to new functionality and features every other week or so. But there is no need to wait, start logging your fishing trips and catches right away. Add a few of your old goodies. We have weather data from 2008 and onwards, for older catches you can manually complete your trips. Share those glorious catches with your friends and all the happy fishers at FishBrain right away :-)

This is how you do it:

1. Check that you have some nice catch photos on your computer.
2. Click on the the big button on the upper right "Add Fishing Trips & Catches"
3. Add an old fishing trip, add as much or as little info as you like, but try to get the time and position right.
4. Add catches to the fishing trip, include those great catch photos.


When you are finished, start exploring the rest of FishBrain. Add new fishing trips every time you have been out fishing, even when you haven't caught anything. In this way you will get the most accurate data to analyze in the future.

Not yet ready functionally includes:

Analyze: Analyze fishing data in all thinkable ways. See what tackles are most effective, best time a day, best lakes etc.

Statistics: In detail statistics over your fishing, you and your friends fishing and the total FishBrain community fishing.

Go fishing and have fun!

The FishBrain Crew

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